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This blog is dedicated to parents who are interested in branded wear for your adorable babies and kids....also for your own stuff....It’s never too early for our children to be stylish, and to develop their sense of individuality. So, have fun browsing and I hope your children and you enjoy the clothes



Tuesday, December 22, 2009

DanishDiniy Store

Branded kids wear

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Looking something gorgeous & beautiful for your lil you are at the right stop.....
Where Everything is for your lil ones...Our product is limited!. Hurry up......

njoy shopping my dearest shoppers.. Do give us some support.

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Mengapa kami dapat menawarkan harga yang rendah untuk produk kami?

DanishDiniy Store menjual produk berjenama dengan harga yang berpatutan dan produk-produk di DanishDiniy Store ini telah dipilih untuk memastikan pelanggan kami mendapat yang terbaik. Kesemua produk kami adalah produk baru dan berkualiti setanding dengan harga mampu milik.
Kami mampu menawarkan harga yang berpatutan bagi produk kami kerana kami mendapat harga yang murah dari pelbagai pembekal dalam dan luar negara,kos overhead kami amat rendah dimana kami tidak perlu menyewa kedai,membayar bil elektrik tambahan,bil air tambahan dan juga tidak perlu membayar gaji pekerja


Tabita Skin Care is a products specifically for facial care.
Formulated using natural ingredients like collagen, POWDER pearls, Japanese Tea, Japanese Papaya, Vitamin C and Vitamin E.

Tabita Skin Care are safe to use with no side effects and is suitable for all skin types ( Neutral) .Your face will be shining, white, non-greasy and become tight as a baby' s skin.

With reasonable prices, efficient use, namely a package for the use of 2-3 months, but the results started to show in 3 weeks.
This is the solution for natural beauty! .

1 Package consists of Tabitha:-
1 Soap Front ( Contains Papaya)
1 Smooth Lotion ( Cleansing)
1 Daily Cream ( Used throughout the day ( morning-afternoon)
1 Night Cream ( Used at night)

There are 2 kinds of Tabita Package are:
• REGULAR Package (25 g)
• Package EXCLUSIVE (40 g)
Each package consists of soap, toner, day cream and night cream.

Tabita Product Price List:-

Regular Package RM350 (Facial Shop, Smooth Lotion, Day Cream, Night Cream) - 25 g

Exclusive Package RM450 (Facial Shop, Smooth Lotion, Day Cream, Night Cream) - 40 g

Other product of Tabita are:

1. ACNE FACIAL CREAM: reduce / remove pimples and get rid of black spots due to

2. EYE CREAM: get rid of eye bags and wrinkles around the eyes

3. SPECIAL CREAM: considered as a "skin vitamin" after application of Tabita Facial Skin Care package for 3 months (used as on-going maintenance)

4. FACE POWDER: powder to the face helps brighten your face to look fresher

5. BODY SCRUB: body scrub for body-to-body. Makes your skin feels clean and fresh

6. BODY LOTION: lotion for the hands & feet - it helps make them soft & prevent dryness. Whitens and brightens skin

7. FACIAL SOAP: liquid soap to clean face & neck. Help removes dirt sticking to our face

8. SMOOTH LOTION: cleaner & freseher face & neck. Helps reduce acne & dull skin - cleans, whiten and radiate skin

9. NIGHTLY CREAM: night cream to whiten face and neck, Can also be used to reduce wrinkles around the face & reduce/ shrink pore holes

10. DAILY CREAM: daytime cream - use in the morning until late afternoon to protect our skin from the sun, to eliminate black spots and rejuvenate the skin

11. MATT FINISHING: liquid powder is used for special occasions - like attending an event or dinner function or wedding reception